From woodwork vimeo page:
We worked together with the kind folk of production and art agency Artbox and brand design agency DesignBridge to develop a 2-minute animation for tea bag fiber manufacturer Ahlstrom. A company that introduced the first beverage filter web made from 100% renewable materials. Except for this achievement, the main idea for their introductory video is that it would visually express “the science behind tea.” 
We brought the animation to life with a set of approved stylish boards from illustrator Ingwie Boley and created an engaging animation. 
Throughout the video we used expressive layering and natural fluidity as with the liquids that are moving in the cups. Furthermore we tried to give the whole animation a paper feel like texture and used scientific annotations to explain the story of Ahltea. Resulting in a continuously flowing story about tea in a fun and playful way.
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