Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Managing Director: Balster van Duijn
Type: Simon van de Rijdt
3D: Ernst Noord, Stefano Paron
Character sketches: Zender
Producer: Sabine van Wechem, Julisa van Beek
Compositing: Ernst Noort, Marvin Koppejan
Audio: Marvin Koppejan
Intern: Joppe Vos

From woodwork vimeo page:
For the 2015 Playgrounds festival in the Netherlands, an unique collaboration has been set up between Dutch creative artists and studio’s to create the main titles. Each party directed three given artist or studio names. The sound design (by Roger Lima, White Noise Lab) was performed live during the screening in Breda and Amsterdam.
Our team created a museum were the visitors witness the slicing of rare and unique creatures, in this way revealing the inner workings and in the back of our mind thinking of the festivals theme ‘Imagine Whatever.’ The awesome studios names we were handed where; MPC, White Noise Lab and Famous Deaths.
The other studio’s involved:
Calango, Fons Schiedon, From Form, Geoffrey Lillemon, Media Monks, Onesize, Renascent, The Ambassadors, White Noise Lab, Woodwork and Oddone.
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